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Meet the Marketing Wizards

We are a bunch of creative and curious marketing wizards who are passionate about effective marketing that aids organizations in brand visibility, enhanced customer engagement, and marketing operations driven by metrics, process and automation delivering improved business impact. We have a shared passion for marketing, branding and storytelling.

Our Genesis

Wizrdom may be a new business, established in 2018, but the seed of the idea for the services it offers was formulating since many years.

The story is best told by Pradeep Menon, Founder and CEO:

“All my career has been spent in sales and marketing, which helped me get an insight into what sales and marketing need from each other and where the gaps lay in creating an integrated sales and marketing process. Over the years, as head of marketing, I also got the opportunity to execute marketing campaigns, implement marketing automation tools, define marketing metrics and work with marketing agencies. Throughout my career, be it sales or marketing, I always owned order booking and revenue targets.

I realized that marketing in most organizations was a function created as an after-thought with the main aim to design marketing assets that sales could use. In some cases, discreet marketing campaigns were run with the sole aim of lead generation without creating a marketing plan, defining customer journey and buyer personas. In mid-sized and start-up organizations, this problem was amplified due to a lack of presence of a senior marketing person and a marketing team. While engaging with marketing agencies for creative assets or campaigns, the engagements used to fail as the internal processes were not well-defined and the goals were not set in conjunction with sales strategy.

The genesis of Wizrdom lay in the vision of creating a team that acts as an extended marketing arm of small and mid-sized companies helping them in defining marketing plans, goals, processes, content and campaign plans, and executing integrated marketing campaigns with rigor over time to help them achieve their sales goals. This involved designing the relevant marketing assets, implementing measurement metrics and marketing automation tools along with CRM, executing campaigns one-step-at-a-time and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns across channels with detailed reporting, analytics and insights.

Because I felt so strongly about the possibilities of integrated and analytics-driven marketing, I decided to embark on this path. I am happy to note that we have successfully helped several companies address these challenges and continue to drive transformation in this small but significant space.

We intend to carve out space for ourselves in the niche space of insights and automation-driven digital marketing rather than being everything for our clients.”

Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

Pradeep Menon – Chief Wizard (CEO)

The chief wizard who can’t be kept away from his cuppa tea. When he is not sipping tea, he is busy doling out gyan on life or any random topic. But mind you, don’t rub him the wrong way, as he is very combustible. Over and above everything, he is passionate about all things marketing

Pradeep has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. He is passionate about all things marketing with the ability to envisage well-crafted marketing strategies and deep dive into minutest of details while executing a campaign.

He has a vast sales experience with India and international business development roles. On the marketing front, he has played several leadership roles across the various marketing functions culminating in marketing head roles where he executed successful GTM initiatives, product roll-outs as well as several marketing campaigns to help the sales team achieve their goals.

Over the last 3 years, with Wizrdom, Pardeep has expanded his horizons to execute several integrated marketing campaigns, brand positioning engagements, deployment of marketing automation tools and performance marketing campaigns to drive conversions and leads for his customers.

Meet Our Team

Girish Murnal – Digital Wizard
Digital Media & Campaigns Head

The methodical digital wizard who cracks up everybody in the team with his witty retorts. The go to person for everything digital marketing and videos, he is the cheerful workhorse who can always be counted upon to deliver