Our Story

We Deliver Insightful and Intuitive Marketing

Every interaction that your consumer has with your brand is what we refer to as the “moment of truth”. Brand visibility, customer engagement and business conversions are the three pillars of your client acquisition and retention strategy. With a profligacy of channels available for promoting your brand and generating marketing qualified leads, businesses such as yours are faced with a plethora of choices. You are not sure where and how to get started. This is where we step in to help step up your business.

WIZRDOM, the kingdom of marketing wizards, is an integrated digital marketing agency focused on solving your sales and marketing problems. We deliver insightful and intuitive marketing. We are good at what we do. We do not claim to be experts. What we can guarantee is that we will honestly strive to make your brand stand out and help you to the best of our capabilities in achieving your sales goals.

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Our Mission

To address the business and customer divide with Insightful and Intuitive Marketing
We drive effective branding and digital marketing that delivers brand recall, quantifiable outcomes and marketing ROI.

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Our Philosophy

We believe everybody has got a unique story to narrate. But engaging and influencing the end customers with context aware storytelling is what we excel at. From brand strategy to content marketing to integrated digital marketing for lead generation – we can help you influence your targets’ minds and help in building the emotional connect with your business.

We strongly believe that

Insight and intuition need to be combined to deliver effective marketing that is business oriented and delivers visual impact as well as desired outcomes

Digital Marketing Bangalore

Branding and marketing initiatives should be tightly linked with the company’s vision, business objectives and target segment

Digital Marketing Bangalore

Branding and marketing are not exclusive; they should seamlessly dovetail to ensure consistent and persistent brand messaging

Digital Marketing Bangalore

Integrated marketing approach with a focus on end customer experience is the most powerful tool to build brand presence in digital media; it should focus on incremental and logical steps based on analytics & intuition as opposed to the big bang approach