Marketing Operations and Martech Consulting

You can’t improve what you can’t measure

Most of the businesses still run a discreet marketing operation with roles and responsibilities distributed across team members, contact list scattered across multiple systems and excel sheet-based planning and reporting. The leads that are generated are captured in mails and excel sheets too and sales hand-off and tracking is broken again. Marketing assets lie in different folders spread across multiple systems with different versions. In some companies, some of the processes are fixed whereas others are still broken. A few organizations implement marketing automation tools but fail to effectively utilize them leading to a sunk investment. This results in an inability to measure marketing campaign effectiveness as well as ROI. Every time a campaign is initiated, it is not repeatable and leads are not tracked effectively. CMOs, sales heads and CEOs find it hard to identify the root cause of the inefficiencies that have crept into the marketing operations and processes.

Time is of essence and so is money when it comes to marketing campaigns. Every penny spent smartly at the right time delivers huge results.

nGauge is Wizrdom’s marketing operations and martech consulting offering that helps you stitch together a cohesive marketing operations with consolidated databases, marketing assets repository, well-defined marketing and sales hand-off processes and implementation of integrated marketing automation platform with CRM and sales app. This enables your organization to significantly improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and generate leads and better brand visibility.

Wizrdom’s Marketing Maturity Framework

Offering Scope


  • Current sales and marketing strategy
  • Current marketing and customer acquisition processes
  • Current marketing campaigns and efficacy
  • Current reporting mechanisms and metrics
  • Current state of marketing assets
  • Current customer and prospect databases


  • Integrated marketing processes
  • Reporting models and metrics
  • Marketing templates and workflows
  • A common and segmented customer database from various existing databases
  • Marketing campaign plans
  • Content strategy and calendar
  • Workshop for your existing team on the new marketing process


  • Implement and configure marketing automation tool
  • Integrate the marketing automation tool with a CRM or sales app
  • Test run campaigns on the marketing automation tool
  • Train your existing team on the marketing automation tool

Business Outcome

  • Consolidated and up-to-date database – Organize all the contacts lying in emails, excel sheets, accounts, address book, etc. into one list
  • Implementation of marketing automation tool along with CRM and sales app (optional)
  • Well defined campaign plan, content plan along with measurement metrics and goals
  • Lead qualification and sales hand-off process with metrics – Decide on buyer stages, define measurement metrics for each channel with lead capture mechanism, lead scoring and nurturing
  • Create 3 always-on or drip campaigns – to acquire new leads, existing client renewals, upsell, etc.